Cut costs & drive organization-wide innovation with IMS POS Development Processes

The Challenge

Making connections with consumers at retail is our first priority.

Delivering viable, cost-effective designs that entice consumers to purchase, while complying with retailer requirements across different sizes and formats while staying within budget, is what we’re known for.



Reduce print cost & ensure brand compliance with IMS Print on Demand

The Challenge

In addition to managing merchandising program execution on a national level, in-house marketers and creative teams are often responsible for responding to one-off print production requests that vary by location, unique event or store-level offering.

An IMS Pharmacy Retailer client needed to reduce demand for creative design hours, and ensure brand compliance on each unique piece of signage being produced. See how they cut print costs by 30% with IMS Print on Demand.



Crush rogue tail spend with IMS Consolidator

The Challenge

When Marketers, Procurement and Finance spend too much time chasing down the hundreds of vendors responsible for the minutia of program execution, nobody wins.

IMS helped a Fortune 200 CPG giant tackle their rogue tail spend, resulting in a significant reduction in the vendors they had to manage, and cutting item costs on the products and services needed for their various marketing programs through our smarting source reverse auction platform.

Do you need to get your Marketing teams and your other departments focused back on strategic initiatives, instead of executional work? IMS can help.



Automate compliance with IMS MerchTech

The Challenge

Alc/Bev brands believe that in many cases, 30-50% of their merchandising programs never reach the floor or are not executed properly. Some producers rely on field sales associates and “in person” audits by outside companies to verify the compliance of their merchandising programs. These can be both costly and limited to “point in time” measurement.

How can IMS clients definitively know the execution level and impact of displays in the marketplace in order to optimize sales results?



Reduce signage waste and improve efficiency with IMS Store Profiling

The Challenge

When every restaurant in your 15K network contains different combinations of menu board sizes, number of drive-throughs and registers, window size and count, store formats (traditional, mall, airport, gas station), regionally specific menu items and other unique merchandising elements, it all combines to drive significant variability for monthly signage production and execution per individual location.

How do you ensure you are only producing and shipping exactly what each location needs?


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IMS and Gatorade —

a team effort

The challenge

For consumer packaged goods companies, expectations from retailers and consumers continue to accelerate. Retailers want products on the shelf faster, and consumers want all the bells and whistles such as personalization, special offers and immediate gratification. Gatorade has over 250 sports marketing relationships. Each one operates at the highest level, so they can’t afford to be late or mishandled.

The solution

IMS has been an integral part of Gatorade’s marketing initiatives for the last 20 years. Gatorade collaborates with more than 250 professional and youth sports teams, so the logistics for all these promotional initiatives has to be seamless. Says Martin Nance, Director of Marketing for Gatorade, “For our youth sports events, we make sure that the young athletes have an experience similar to what the pros have on their sidelines. IMS allows us to deliver those experiences anywhere in the world.”

We have over 250 sports marketing relationships, so it’s critical that we have a partner we can trust. IMS has become a key component of these relationships.
— Martin Nance, Director of Marketing, Gatorade
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IMS and Smithfield Foods — a seamless transition

The challenge
Smithfield Foods is one of the world’s leading providers of packaged and deli meats. In the area of in-store promotions, they had challenges that included inventory management, slow order and delivery times and difficulty with personalized offers and promotions.

The solution
Smithfield teamed up with IMS to deliver cost savings and efficiency. Our web portal has made inventory, ordering and delivery much easier. In addition, an IMS customer support member actually works onsite to help get projects done quickly.

We get projects done quickly, and … from a standpoint of customer service, process efficiencies and cost savings, IMS is outstanding.
—  McKenzie Stephens, Brand Manager, Smithfield Foods

The challenge
Constellation Brands, producer of iconic spirits such as Corona Extra, Modelo Especial, Robert Mondavi, SVEDKA Vodka and many others, had been using a legacy system created for them when they were a much smaller business.

The solution
They sought out IMS for a more robust solution. “IMS has a systematic approach that gives us the ability to deliver the flawless execution needed by our field,” said Charlie Shikany, Vice President, Constellation Brands. “We now have total supply chain control.” More than that, IMS produces creative and compelling point of sale materials. We deliver for Constellation’s Procurement team and exceed the high creative standards of Constellation’s partners.

There was only one group that I truly trusted to help us build a strong relationship with Marketing, Sales, Agency Partners and our Supply Base – IMS.
— Charlie Shikany, Vice President, Constellation Brands