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Marketing Execution / Point of Sale Displays

Do Your POS Displays Deliver?

Do your POS displays deliver on the campaign strategies your marketing teams and agency partners develop? Are they delivered in-market on-time, every time? It’s hard to measure the success of a campaign when you’re struggling with execution factors outside of your control.

We work with our client partners to develop interactive, engaging, and cost-effective POS displays that fulfill the campaign objectives, and ensure they arrive at retail on-time and flawlessly executed.

Strategic POS Display Development & Execution

From designing and developing full-custom displays, to identifying modular rack solutions that translate across multiple brands, generating cost and production efficiencies for enterprise organizations, we work with you to determine the solutions that fit your needs.

IMS clients utilize our Execution Platform to help maximize budgets through waste reduction with accurate volume predictions, while also consolidating warehousing, fulfillment and transportation activities post-production.

End-to-end, we optimize your merchandising supply chain and focus on aligning our execution with your go-to-market strategies. Learn more about how we align our approach to marketing execution to meet your unique business needs.

Marketing Execution

Permanent Displays

Fully engineered displays that serve the test of time and engage shoppers throughout their journey. Custom permanent displays are designed with a brand experience in mind and produced to meet the industry’s highest environmental standards.

Premium Displays

High-end materials are used to develop custom solutions that meet the needs of luxury brands. Upgrade your premium displays with integrated IMS MerchTech solutions to drive digital interaction & measure shopper engagement.

Countertop & PDQ Displays

Short shelf life displays that spotlight products during a promotional period. Stand out from the competition at shelf in a way that is unique to your brand experience.

Temp & Semi-Perm Displays

Dynamic displays to disrupt the shopper and deliver brand engagement. Produced to meet the needs of the specific retail environment.

Execute smarter & improve your retail display ROI with our proven approach to optimization.

Client Case Study

Innovative, Modular Redesign Drives Rack Rationalization Results for CPG Giant

End caps and portable merchandising racks are critical to the sales performance across many CPG product categories. In the past, the design, development, and procurement of these high-cost items were accomplished within each business unit of our client’s brands or categories. This resulted in a higher cost, as well as less flexibility and opportunity for application across the enterprise as the final designs were often brand or category specific

Project Details

IMS conducted an extensive audit of the existing client rack program across business units. As a result of the audit, IMS recommended 12 modular and adjustable rack designs with additional headers and wings for efficiency.

Our teams implemented dress-up kits by category and brand for each change-out program, season, or item category – creating a multi-purpose rack for the field.


The rack rationalization solution decreased unit costs by spreading production across fewer SKUs and leveraging volume discounts at higher production quantities per unit.

Additionally, overall annual rack volume decreased due to the re-usable design which could remain in-store, which also made it easier for field teams to move units within the store or simply re-purpose them with the new period’s dress-up kit. Kit refreshes are now significantly lower cost (relative to new racks) and change the look/feel as needed by brand or promotion.


consolidating merchandising procurement across 20+ globals brands leverages significant volume discounts


aggregating production & repurposing successful units with graphic kit refreshes has saved over $700k since 2017 launch

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