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Optimize Your Execution

End-to-end integration of critical merchandising functions drives optimization and delivers transparency

Collaborate Seamlessly

Suite of integrated modules provide one portal for everyone to communicate, collaborate and ensure the success of your campaigns

Customize Your Solution

Designed with input from Fortune 500 Retailers & Brands and customized to your unique business challenges

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Merchandising-specialized modules with end-to-end integrations help your teams move faster, reduce cost, & improve execution

Merchandising Technology / Execution Platform

Marketing Execution Powered by Experts; Propelled by Best-in-Class Technology Solutions

Our marketing execution technology solutions are designed to drive your Marketing Execution from end to end, ensuring coordination, transparency, and optimization across every step of your merchandising supply chain.

Each module is designed for seamless integration across key marketing execution functions or implemented independently according to your needs. These tools have been developed in close coordination with our clients, driving industry-specific components that we can customize for your specific business challenges.

Each Module is Designed for Retail Execution, and then Customized to Drive the Most Value for our Clients


Improve visibility with user-specific budgeting.

Build budgets by user, department, campaign, or other criteria to enable marketing and sales users to build their in-market plans.

Enable users to buy only what has been allocated; with real-time reporting and requests centralized in our tools, execution will stay on plan – and on budget.


Reduce waste with accurate forecasting.

Retailers employ our Store Profiling system to record product, fixture, format, and location attributes – enabling them to optimize merchandising and local versioning.

Brands utlize Demand Planning to acquire accurate, field-informed forecasts across campaign collections before moving to production.


Drive down cost with reverse-auction bidding.

Our unique reverse auction bidding environment means our network of validated suppliers must compete to win your business, bidding against other suppliers to manufacture your merchandising assets.

Our platform and production allocation process regularly drives costs 15-30% below market rates.


Approve, order, communicate. Custom ordering portals built with best-in-class platforms.

IMS’ ordering portals: a single source for approvals and campaign ordering saves your marketers and field teams precious time.

Our award-winning Print on Demand (POD) solution enables multiple approval flows for budget, creative, and legal review prior to print-and-ship.


Optimize execution with integrated management tools.

Our job, inventory, and freight-management modules enable you to optimize your merchandising supply chain with a lens on total cost of ownership (TCO).


Answer key questions quickly with reporting and analytics.

As users interact with each IMS module across the merchandising workflow, critical operational and strategic data is stored in our enterprise data warehouse.

Best-in-class visualization tools operated by a dedicated analytics team build comprehensive dashboards that are fine-tuned to your stakeholders with the insights you need.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

Client Case Study

Making the World’s Happiest QSR Smile with Store Profiling

A long-standing quick-service restaurant client discovered that nearly 30% of all signage materials produced were not being executed.  Not only was this a waste in production, but also in shipping costs and store labor to sort through materials that weren’t relevant.

Project Details

IMS configured our Store Profiling module for our client and developed a process to automate the capture, maintenance, and updates of each store’s characteristics.

Integrations between Store Profiling and Job-Management Modules allow the client’s forecasts to automatically update and reflect more accurate (and lower cost) order quantities.

IMS now delivers “month in a box” kits to each of our client’s 15,000+ restaurants, built to each store’s requirements with over 250 data points per location – eliminating the one-size-fits-all approach.


Today, when restaurant associates open their “month in a box” kit, they know each element is meaningful to their restaurant, with nothing wasted. Complexity of messaging and promotional activity drives monthly fluctuations between 4,000 to 8,000 unique kit assemblies across the client’s roughly 15,000+ restaurant locations across the US and Canada.

This solution reduced fulfillment and in-store execution labor costs by 20%, and drove a 30% reduction in ordering processing time with system-wide automation. Additionally, the client benefited from increased speed to market with a 15-30% reduction in production time driven by precise procurement forecasting.


reduction in fulfillment & in-store execution labor costs


locations receiving 4,000-8,000 unique merchandising kits each month


reduction in order processing time through system-wide automation

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