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On-Time, In-Full

End-to-end campaign management executes your merchandising with a 99.8% in-market on-time rate

Significant Savings

Our reverse auction bidding system secures initial savings of up to 30%, with ongoing 3-5%+ annual improvement

Faster Speed to Market

Our data-driven approach to merchandising execution identifies opportunities to improve your speed to market

Improved Visibility

IMS integrates end-to-end, from sourcing to in-store execution, providing complete visibility & accountability

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POS Displays

Design engaging & interactive retail displays.
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Retail Signage

Align your signage with your retail goals.
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Print Production

Strategically source your printed marketing assets.
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Branded Merchandise

Boost your branded tools to help your teams succeed.
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IMS Delivers E2E Management for Flawless Marketing Campaign Execution at Retail


Retail Promotion & Campaign Execution

Starting with your annual calendar, our account teams are briefed on your vision and goals for each campaign, ensuring we're completely aligned with your objectives. We build backward from your in-market dates to determine our deadlines for each execution milestone, delivering a 99.8% in-market on-time rate. IMS Execution Technology tools strategically gather your forecasts against the campaign calendar before bidding out your marketing assets (displays, signage, branded merchandise and more).

Merchandising Workflow Optimization

IMS implementation teams work with your marketing, agency, and other stakeholders to design an optimal workflow - identifying critical bottlenecks or failure points to ensure all stakeholders are aligned for success.

Smart Sourcing

Information from our execution technology is automatically fed into our reverse auction bidding environment of verified vendors. Reverse bidding reduces cost, typically driving up to 30% unit cost savings, helping your marketing budget go further. Because of the way we store and track this data, we can report on your productivity improvements, unit cost savings, corporate responsibility initiatives, and more with ease.

Managed Path to Market

You tell us where the finish line is, whether it's direct to store, field teams, distributors, your own warehouses, or all of the above - we get it there. We also identify opportunities at every stage of execution to improve your speed to market.

In-Store Insights

Your merchandising can tell you more than you think, are you listening? Our Merchandising Technology team has a suite of solutions to help your POS answer questions about compliance and audience measurement or improve engagement. We analyze the data and use it to optimize future campaigns. IMS also connects your marketing and field teams, creating feedback loops to align and improve execution.
Managed Marketing Execution
Managed Marketing Execution

Ready to Make the Move to Flawlessly Managed Marketing Execution?

Client Case Study

Tackling Rogue Tail Spend with IMS Consolidator Improves Visibility, Reduces Cost, Increases Workflow Efficiency

An IMS Fortune 200 CPG client has relied on our account teams to source traditional POS displays across all of its divisons since 2007. In addition to campaign merchandising management, they also needed to control maverick spend throughout the organization. While they knew this rogue execution was occuring, damaging their brands and increasing costs, they had limited visibility into the size of the problem and no means to control it. 

Project Details

Maverick spend took marketers away from focusing on strategic development and brand growth. They had to both source the items/services themselves, as well as manage the backend vendor setup, billing & invoicing.

As our client’s longtime marketing execution partner, IMS recommended leveraging our proven sourcing system and staff to execute these one-off transactions (4,500 annually across 1,200 suppliers) in order to:

  • Consolidate the tail spend with IMS to apply sourcing tactics by sourcing experts while reducing the supply base.
  • Tap into the proven, automated IMS sourcing system and billing process with Good Taste.
  • Provide visibility and traceability into these vendors and spend categories.
  • Significantly reduce marketers time to find, source and manage vendors/payment.

IMS increased process efficiency by 50% for our client’s marketing and finance teams by eliminating 14 steps from their processes.

The new supplier management solution creates multiple bids for each product/service and aggregated service providers across brands where possible, consequently increasing cost efficiency across the board.

IMS systems now capture all transactions for strategic classification of spend, access to historical purchases, and easy reporting for marketers to use (e.g. budgeting, etc.), delivering spend and activity visibility for improved decision-making.


increase in workflow efficiency


annual one-off transactions eliminated


unnecessary vendors consolidation to a single client point of contact, IMS

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