Logistics & Transportation

Purpose Built

Merchandising-tailored warehouse storage and fulfillment solutions scaled to your needs

E2E Optimization

No detail is too small, we optimize every aspect of your merchandising supply chain to reduce cost and improve speed to market

100% Accountability

We own every aspect of execution and are 100% accountable for the fulfillment of your campaigns

Flawless Execution

Technology & processes built to execute merchandising with 99.8% accuracy

IMS-Maintained Logistics Means Accountability & Visibility

With nearly 2 million square feet of warehouse space across 7 facilities, IMS maintains our own warehouse operations in the United States and Canada, providing an extensive suite of turn-key logistics services, including:

  • Display Assembly
  • International Shipping and Receiving
  • Freight Management
  • Event Management
  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Pick/Pack
  • Kitting and Consolidation
  • Display Assembly
  • International Shipping and Receiving
  • Freight Management
  • Event Management
  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Pick/Pack
  • Kitting and Consolidation

All IMS facilities leverage certified ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and are merchandising-specialized to guarantee flawless logistical execution of your marketing activities.

Maintaining our own logistics resources ensures our clients have one contact, end-to-end, who is accountable for every aspect of their marketing execution and provides full visibility across every activity in their merchandising supply chain.

Clients Benefit from MerchandisingSpecialized Fulfillment Centers

Data-Driven Execution

With over 400 active integrations, IMS keeps proprietary systems, suppliers, and clients connected to critical information – from purchase order to shipment confirmation.

Ongoing Optimization

IMS identifies opportunities to reduce rates, improve consolidation, reduce on-hand inventory, and eliminate excessive warehousing costs. We also employ best-in-class inventory management practices to reduce unit costs while balancing your working capital.

In-Market Faster

Our systems keep track of critical inbound deliveries for your in-store kits which enable us to hold suppliers accountable and allow us to get to work faster once everything arrives​.

On-Time, In-Full

The results speak for themselves. 99.8% order accuracy, 99.6% on-time delivery, with over 94% shipped within 24 hrs.​ World-class processes meet world-class systems, operated by a world-class team.​

Specialty Merchandising

Logistics & Transportation of Coolers, Warmers, and other Specialty Merchandising Equipment

Large Asset Management

Events & Large Asset Fulfillment & Refurbishment

Customized Kitting

Kitting Lines​ Creating Unique Pack-Outs for Each Retail Location

Pick, Pack &

Picking Operations for Premiums & Promotional Items: from individual units to full pallets.

Transportation Management

IMS is a licensed freight broker with a fully integrated suite of freight management services that supports our clients’ logistics needs across all modes of transportation both domestic and internationally.

Freight Management
  • Load Planning
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Rate Shopping
  • Carrier Selection
  • TL Multi-Stop
  • LTL Pooling
  • Zone Skipping
  • Cross Client Consolidations
OEM / 3PL Management
  • Total Network Management and Optimization
  • Integrated Feeds, Order Routing and Cost Allocation
Specialty Services
  • Reverse Logistics
  • White Glove
  • Time Critical
  • Project Management

Local or Global, You're Covered.

IMS maintains 7 of our own warehouse facilities in the United States & Canada and are positioned to reach 90% of the population in 2 days or less.

For customers with global reach, we also offer worldwide fulfillment services through our International Distribution Partner, with facilities spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania and South America.

Need help with your Merchandising Logistics?

Client Case Study

Big Beer Consolidator Delivers $15M Savings

A major efficiency driver for alc/bev organizations is shipment consolidations to distributors and field marketing teams. One of IMS’ Fortune 500 beverage clients had yet to implement a consolidator program, resulting in distributors and field teams ordering materials just in time, driving numerous (and costly) shipments that were difficult for the distributors to track and manage.

Project Details

To achieve more efficient consolidation, merchandising orders for an end-user or location would need to be aggregated during a specified timeframe and then picked, kitted, and distributed in a single shipment. Our client’s in-house fulfillment center did not have the right systems, ISO processes, or personnel to implement a program on this scale.

IMS applied best practices learned across other Fortune 500 beverage and alcohol clients to implement a consolidation program with the client marketing team to drive cost efficiency while making it easier for distributors.


Field orders by specific distributors or sales reps were consolidated on a specified cadence, resulting in single, large shipments of varied items across varied products and programs for the distributors to execute in the field. IMS systems, ISO certified consolidation process, and experienced staff worked in concert with our client to implement the program.

In Year 1, shipments were ultimately reduced by 78%, resulting in seven-figure savings. To date, the program has delivered over $15 million in cost savings and avoidance for this brewing powerhouse.


reduction in number of shipments within the first year of the program


client has saved over $15M through the consolidator programs since launch

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