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The fast-growing, quick-serve, chicken-wing giant Wingstop has continued to see record growth, throughout a global pandemic, by prioritizing its innovative, technology-driven approach to becoming a top 10 global restaurant player.

In an effort to continue to streamline in-store merchandising operations in support of growth goals, Wingstop has selected IMS as its marketing execution partner. IMS will be responsible for managing the sourcing, production, and fulfillment of in-store merchandising across Wingstop’s increasing number of restaurant locations.

When announcing the new partnership, Wingstop’s Brand Marketing team noted:

“After a thorough process of selection, discovery, and development, we are excited to introduce our partnership with IMS to deliver a new Wingstop Brand Store. In a world where merchandising operations are more complex than ever, IMS provides brands with a technology-driven solution to support innovation and strategic growth.

For Wingstop IMS’ merchandising technology will host a single source of truth for pricing and store data to streamline organizational initiatives, such as RMS [point of sale] pricing recommendations and POP distribution. The website will become brand partners one stop shop to fulfill all marketing brand needs”

The new Wingstop Brand Store is desktop and mobile friendly and designed for operators on the go. Wingstop’s brand partners will benefit from a convenient shopping and ordering experience that simplifies multi-restaurant orders, optimized to be intuitive and clear every step of the way.

IMS CEO, Josh Tobey, had this to say about IMS’ ability to support Wingstop’s strategic growth initiatives:

“We are thrilled to be working with Wingstop. From the very beginning there has been strong engagement that has allowed us to align the strategic objectives of our two companies. I have no doubt this collaboration will be a great success.”

In addition to delivering an integrated ordering solution for brand partners, IMS will also leverage its extensive sourcing and fulfilment expertise to drive value for Wingstop. Armed with $300M of purchasing power across its distribution network, IMS leverages a proprietary reverse auction environment to create competition among its approved print suppliers, delivering the best cost for Wingstop’s brand partners.

The IMS logistics team will work with Wingstop team members on an ongoing basis to identify cost and time efficiencies, driving average freight savings between 15-35%. Boasting 99.8% order accuracy and 99.6% on-time rates across its distribution network, IMS helps clients worry less about execution to focus on marketing and growth goals.

About IMS

IMS helps leading Retailers and Brands succeed at the point of purchase by managing procurement, production and distribution of digital and traditional signage, print, POP displays, branded merchandise, and more. We deliver flawless execution of merchandising campaigns to help marketers focus on strategy and brand growth without having to worry about the minutia of execution, ensuring their marketing budgets go further by optimizing every aspect of their merchandising supply chain.