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Driving Environmental Sustainability Beyond Ourselves

On average, IMS recycles enough cardboard on behalf of all our clients to save 48 acres of trees annually – that’s enough trees to fill over 36 football fields.

It doesn’t stop with recycling. While IMS strives to identify and implement sustainable solutions across every aspect of our operations, the real power and impact derive from the solutions we’re able to engage in on behalf of our clients. In addition to delivering first-class Marketing Execution at scale, our teams are working toward providing innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed our clients’ own environmental sustainability goals.


Reducing our Environmental Footprint with Every Step

At every step of the supply chain, IMS recognizes the importance of Sustainability and the impact on our environment.

This end-to-end focus helps IMS minimize our carbon footprint, benefiting our clients and their customers; moving us all closer to the goal of producing zero waste.

Recycling Initiatives

IMS recycles over 95% of all cardboard and plastic wrap generated as waste through our distribution centers.  Over the past five years we have recycled over 2,800 tons of materials, the equivalent of over 48,000 trees.


Accurate forecasting, store-specific kitting and automated compliance technologies ensure IMS clients are not over-producing POS display materials. Proactive waste reduction measures are easier on your budget and the environment.

Plastic Elimination

When developing new campaigns or revising established collections, IMS production teams examine everything from packaging to display & signage substrates to determine where plastic can be reduced or eliminated from merchandising materials.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

IMS saves 984,000 lbs of carbon emissions annually by utilizing electric vehicle equipment at all of our IMS facilities and avoiding the emissions of liquid propane or gas equipment.

Smart Partners Make the Difference

IMS is selective in our partnerships, choosing only material suppliers and transportation providers with proven approaches to sustainability.

We’re 100% transparent in our approach to sustainability and happy to answer any questions about our internal programs and supply chain. Let us know how we can help.

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Smart Suppliers

We partner exclusively with SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) suppliers for large scale kitting projects.

Our suppliers regularly exceed 90% of their raw materials originating from certified sourcing, exceeding the two-thirds standard set by SFI.

Smart Transportation

As a certified SmartWay Transportation Partner, IMS moves over 99% of our shipments via SmartWay partner carriers.

Together, SmartWay Partners contribute to saving over 279.7 million barrels of oil and 134 million tons of air pollution.

Client Case Study

Sustainability Initiative Announcement Leads to Massive POS Display Material Audit

Prior to initiating campaign sourcing for the upcoming year, IMS was advised of a new directive by Remy Cointreau’s CEO to move towards removing plastic from point of sale displays and marketing materials to begin in 2020. To support our client’s new sustainability initiative, we quickly re-aligned our development and procurement processes.

Project Details

The Remy Cointreau IMS account team moved quickly to audit legacy and new POS materials selected for the 2020 campaigns. For each item that had plastic components, we proposed alternatives that either significantly reduced or eliminated their plastic consumption

We worked with Remy Cointreau’s trade marketing teams to identify which alternatives met their sustainability goals while also maintaining the premium image their brand is known for.


A preconception shared by both sides at the outset of this initiative was that sustainability programs come at a premium due to the deployment of more costly substrates. Surprisingly, the net result across all products where plastic was reduced or eliminated was a decrease in total campaign costs of $50,000.

As a result of this initiative, IMS was able to reduce plastic by 30% across their items for the first-half of their 2021 fiscal year. The Remy Cointreau IMS account team is continuing to work with client trade marketing managers to reach 0% plastic consumption in POS materials.


of plastic reduced via POS display materials audit



Reduction in plastic across 2021 items.
IMS is continuing to reduce plastic consumption in Remy Cointreau USA POS materials to progress towards the client’s “zero plastic” goal


across the board savings for the plastic reduction initiative

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