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Vendor Consolidation

IMS becomes your single point of contact for all of your print production

Unlimited Solutions

IMS' network of verified vendors efficiently execute your campaign needs at scale

Cost Optimization

IMS' proprietary reverse bidding environment typically secures 30% cost savings

Fulfillment at Scale

IMS doesn't stop at production, we make sure each campaign delivers flawlessly

Marketing Execution / Print Production
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Intelligently Managed & Fulfilled Print Production

Are you spending more time juggling vendors, battling consistency issues, and stressing about timelines than you are building campaigns that connect with your customers?

IMS delivers the marketing assets critical to your go-to-market strategies, with the added benefit of flawless execution and significant cost savings.

Additionally, our award-winning Print-on-Demand (POD) tool enables clients to insert creative, legal, and budget workflows into any on-demand printing process.

Best-in-Class Print Production Solutions

Unlike commercial printing vendors, IMS places as much emphasis on aligning our procurement and fulfillment processes to your business needs as we do on perfecting the quality and consistency of your marketing assets.

Benefit from unlimited access to a rigorously validated vendor network, all competitively bidding for your marketing production projects.

Learn more about how we align our Marketing Execution approach, and provide significant cost savings, as we deliver across your unique business needs.

Marketing Execution

Marketing Collateral

Brochures, coupons, gift cards, product cards, flyers, direct mail, postcards.

Influencer & Field Marketing Kits

Launch products, reward loyalists, represent your brand beautifully.

Business Materials

Business cards, letter head, mailers, notepads.

Catalogs & Booklets

Quick flips or large production catalogs, any size for any need.

Sales Tools

Order forms, sell sheets, survey pads.

Product Merchandising

Bottle neckers, value-added packaging (VAP), stickers, case cards.

Tired of too many vendors? Consolidate your print production with IMS.

Client Case Study

Success at Scale with E2E Print Fulfillment

An IMS Fortune 200 CPG client needed to produce and apply 8MM stickers to product packaging in a three week window to participate in a major retail partner’s nationwide initiative to fight hunger. 

Project Details

IMS developed and executed an end-to-end solution that included:

  • Performance of R&D functions, including IRC specs, site surveys and plant trials
  • Assessment of all equipment and staffing needs; and deployment at plant
  • All plant training and onsite support
  • Print production and application of stickers with precise finishes
  • Fulfillment of final product

Despite the level of complexity, IMS’ solution enabled our Fortune 200 CPG client to deliver at scale and on-time for this important charitable initiative.

The project included print production and in-plant/on-pack application of 8MM stickers across 13 product lines, running in 9 CPG manufacturing plants within a 3-week production window.


stickers produced & applied across 13 different product lines, running in 9 CPG manufacturing plants within a 3-week production window

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