Merchandising Technology

for Smarter Retail

Increase Engagement

Deliver memorable moments & drive connections with your consumers

Execute Efficiently

Improve performance with real-time visibility into the moment of truth

Adapt to Context

Deploy context-driven in-store marketing strategy & creative at scale

Learn & Optimize

Connect every aspect of your merchandising campaign development & execution

MerchTechTM Tools & Solutions to Improve your Campaign Performance

Retail Measurement

Identify and measure the different variables affecting your sales performance.
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Display & Engagement

Increase shopper engagement with digital displays & interactive technology.
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Compliance Technology

Get what you paid for, and audit the in-store activation.
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Execution Platform

Proprietary technology solutions for retail merchandising execution.
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IMS MerchTechTM is Merchandising Technology, the Intersection of Traditional & Digital Merchandising

Static and digital activations, in-store personalization, myriad campaign element versions – modern merchandising execution has become increasingly complex. Retailers and Brands need integrated technology solutions to help manage, automate, and optimize campaign performance.

IMS MerchTechTM ensures your company is well-positioned to capitalize on the first-mover advantage in the rapidly increasing digitization of the retail experience.

Merchandising Execution Platform

Integrated modules digitize and automate your merchandising workflows for seamless execution. Plan. Source. Order. Deploy.

In-Store Technology Solutions

We work with you to design a solution tailor-made for your unique challenges. Engage. Observe. Learn. Inform.

Expert Technology Consultation

Our consultative approach drives answers to complex questions, building solutions for today and tomorrow. Discover. Design. Execute. Optimize.

Move into the Future of Retail Merchandising with IMS MerchTech

IMS Deploys a Technical Roadmap to Support Digital Transformation in Retail


Understanding what our clients want to achieve (e.g. insights, increased sales, increased engagement). Defining KPIs to measure achievement towards those goals.

Typical program outputs and measurements

  • Campaign Performance
  • Audience Insight (Demographics, Income, Characteristics, Sentiment)
  • Engagement Tracking
  • A/B Testing Campaign Creative, and more.


Designing the front-end customer journey & back-end employee execution. Outlining the required technical integrations and data flow to achieve both.

Key steps in the Design phase

  • Storyboard the customer journey
  • Understand interactive touch-points
  • Identify system integrations & triggers
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Choose a CMS and other critical software
  • Develop a plan to execute


Developing the roadmap that outlines the integration of technology components, UI configuration, and aggregating data connections to make the project operational.

Key Aspects of the Build Phase

  • Develop creative assets
  • Aggregate data feeds
  • Configure trigger & API connections
  • Design technical architecture to automate delivery
  • Create workflow, approval processes, and more.


Delivering the project to market, initiating measurement components of the project and monitoring execution performance for reporting.

Key Elements of the Execution Phase

  • Installation and deployment
  • Integration into the environment
  • Configuration and setup
  • Platform monitoring and support
  • QA for compliance and sign-off, and more.


Analyzing measurement from execution phase: aggregating, processing, cleaning and benchmarking against industry expectations to derive insight for optimization.

Insights Delivered:

  • A/B Testing Results
  • Campaign Performance
  • Merchandising Execution Performance
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audience Measurement, and more.


Optimize delivery and execution of programs for deployment of subsequent campaigns. Optimize for the future with machine learning models.

Feedback loops inform optimal campaign performance:

  • Review results to improve day-part content
  • Lift & learn experiences
  • Responding to in-and-out-of-store context
  • Incorporating market trends, and more.

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