Retail Signage

Quality Assurance

IMS production partners are G7 certified to ensure consistent high-quality execution

Unlimited Sourcing

Our network of validated vendors efficiently execute any type of signage needs at scale

Optimized Production

Our proprietary store profiling solution ensures we only produce what each location needs

Consolidated Shipments

Consolidated shipments reduce cost and help associates locate & install the right signage quickly

Marketing Execution / Retail Signage

What are Your In-Store Communication Goals?

Creating an immersive branded retail environment? Reducing friction by helping shoppers quickly find what they need? Triggering impulse purchases or promoting new products? Driving contextual promotions and engagement?

IMS POS signage procurement & fulfillment operations align with your objectives, while also helping to eliminate waste and reduce cost across your retail locations.

Optimal Retail Signage Solutions

Whether you’re launching a new enterprise-wide retail program, 100 new retail locations, or replacing a single damaged sign at one location, IMS ensures flawless execution of your POS programming.

IMS captures every detail of your retail locations using our proprietary Execution Platform, ensuring that we’re only producing and shipping exactly what each location requires.

Our network of validated, G7 certified vendors are capable of producing any size and scale retail signage solution required to meet your campaign objectives and perfectly match your brand identity.

Learn more about how we optimize and align our Marketing Execution approach to meet your unique business needs.

Marketing Execution

Evergreen Retail Signage

Functional designs and long-lasting substrates to withstand the retail environment.

Promotional Retail Signage

Indoor & outdoor signage created to disrupt your shopper’s journey.

Custom Graphics

Creative that builds a branded retail environment, designed to drive a transaction.

Digital Displays

Development of captivating digital retail display campaigns, including program mamangement and execution.

Event Signage

Command attention for your in-store or on-premise event.

On-Demand Printing

Streamlined platform to satisfy quick turn and local market needs.

IMS delivers exactly what your stores need, exactly when they need it.

Client Case Study

“Store in a Box” POP Signage Kits Reduce Waste & Decrease Install Time

IMS partnered with The Home Depot associates to develop consolidated, bimonthly signage kits to eliminate unnecessary shipping cost, limit production waste, and help store associates more accurately and efficiently install their in-store signage. 

Client Situation

The Home Depot’s merchandise vendors would produce and ship directly to each store, requiring The Home Depot associates to locate and organize multiple packages for project execution.

This uncoordinated approach resulted in excessive freight costs, confusion for store associates, and wasted signage that was not received or installed as intended.

Working with vendors, merchants, and marketing stakeholders, IMS mapped out when each project needed to arrive in store and what aspects of each project vendors were responsible for producing.


IMS now manages the consolidation project list, receiving the materials from vendors, packing out store-specific kits, shipping the consolidated kits, and providing tracking and photos to The Home Depot associates for improved visibility for the stores.

The program had an immediate impact on store operations. Store associates know exactly when to expect each shipment, and the materials are now clearly and consistently labeled with installation instructions, reducing confusion, increasing accuracy, and improving the speed of installation.

Through consolidation, The Home Depot is able to reallocate 96,000 store associate hours annually and reduce associated freight costs by 15%.


annual reallocation of in-store associate labor


The Home Depot locations receiving store-specific consolidation kits


The Home Depot signage units consolidated through IMS warehouses in 2019

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