Audience Measurement

Improve ROI

Aggregate first-party data such as audience, engagement, & environment to optimize future campaign performance

Expand Opportunity

Discover the incremental audience your displays could capture by understanding who is in proximity but not engaged

Capture Audience

Learn more about your actual audience; capture demographic information & track it across day-parts & locations

Investigate Interaction

Gain an understanding of how customers interact with your displays & use that feedback to inform future campaigns

Merchandising Technology / Audience Measurement

A Complete Ecosystem for Observation & Optimization

Trade promotion effectiveness is dependent on many factors, such as foot traffic, demographics, weather, local events, competitor campaigns, compliance, and more.

Without deeper insight into the retail environment, marketers miss the opportunity to learn and improve their campaigns. As accountability in marketing spend becomes increasingly important, marketers need to be able to better attribute their in-market results.

Beyond solely quantifying interaction and capturing context, IMS helps you leverage the insights discovered to inform and improve future campaign development.


Impressions, Demographics, & Psychographics


Dwell Time & Product Interaction


Weather, Temperature, Competitor Activity, & Foot Traffic

See the full picture with Audience Measurement Technology.

Retail Measurement Tools &
the Insights they Capture

Capture Customer Behavior and Interaction

Understand product and display interaction with sensors like Passive Infrared (PIR) and RFID. 

Enable experiential lift and learn displays to trigger corresponding digital messaging with wireless accelerometer technology. 

Get to Know your Audience

Capture audience size, dwell time, and repeat visits with technology that senses customer mobile device proximity within a pre-determined range. Leverage anonymized ad retargeting to reach shoppers after they’ve left the store.

Video Sensor Analysis and AI for Audience Measurement

Determine dwell time, gaze-through, and sentiment with video sensors discretely embedded in displays. 

Data is captured, anonymized, and aggregated in our enterprise data warehouse and delivered through our BI and Analytics platform, providing unparalleled insight into customer engagement trends, and enabling realtime testing and optimization.

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