Digital Display & Engagement Technology

Attract & Engage

Delight and surprise audiences with innovative and differentiated experiences

Increase Interaction

Invite exploration and education using interactive elements that deliver exciting digital journeys

Improve Relevance

Improve contextual relevance with dynamic digital content triggered by nearby stimuli

Learn & Optimize

Promote campaigns while capturing customer information for continuous improvement

Merchandising Technology / Digital Display & Engagement

Connect with Consumers through In-Store Digital Experiences

In an ideal retail state, Retailers and Brands are able to engage with shoppers at a personal level, driving emotional connection, delighting through new experiences, and helping consumers explore and learn in a hands-on way that digital commerce can’t achieve.

Digital displays and interactive technologies can help you deliver more meaningful interactions at retail. IMS can help you develop and manage the processes and systems to execute these experiences at scale.

Digital & Shelf-Edge Displays

Interactive Environments

Retail Ad Networks

Lift & Learn Displays

We Help Retailers & Brands Connect with Consumers Like Never Before

IMS Helps with the Little Picture, So You Can Focus on the Big One

While digital activations are not new to in-store merchandising, successful wide-scale deployments remain elusive. Conceptually solid pilot programs can stall when the original brief did not consider the high-volume content requirements, complex media deployment, and process governance required to deploy at scale.
IMS provides a consultative approach to in-store digital campaign development and deployment, assisting with both pilot and full-scale programs. We ensure that every digital activation has considered the critical display, systems, processes and governance details necessary for success at any size.

Display Selection Considerations:

  • Resolution
  • Brightness
  • Heat
  • View Angle
  • Size
  • Environment

CMS Platform Evaluation Considerations:

  • Workflow & Approvals Hierarchy
  • Media Type
  • Automation & Integration
  • Security
  • Performance & Uptime Reporting

Structure & Process Considerations:

  • Media Development
  • Meta Data Tagging
  • Business Rules
  • Priorities and Overlaps
  • Exceptions- Uptime and Resolution

Governance Design Considerations:

  • KPIs and Measurement
  • Deployment Confirmation & Monitoring
  • Content Review Board
  • Uptime Reporting

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Build better connections at retail.