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Our supply chains depend on freight transportation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that between 1990 and 2013, freight activity grew by over 50%. By 2040, the EPA projects this number to double. Yet, this key economic driver has a significant impact on the environment.

With ever-growing supply chains transporting more products faster and farther than ever before, IMS is proud to announce its partnership with SmartWay to join a sustainable initiative for a greener approach to freight transportation. IMS joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership to optimize its environmental conservation performance, improve fuel consumption costs, and maximize freight transportation efficiency.

Smartway Transport Partnership

SmartWay is a voluntary organization through which the U.S. government, EPA, logistics companies, and freight carriers all collaborate to find creative solutions to transport freight more sustainably. The program began in 2004 and has since decreased harmful air emissions by over 134 million tons, saved $37.5 billion in fuel costs, and conserved almost 280 million barrels of oil. These numbers are comparable to annually eliminating the energy use in over 18.2 million homes.

Through partnership, shipping sectors work with SmartWay’s logistics companies to develop improved processes for optimizing greener freight performance. The program is designed to do the following:

    • Produce shareable data-backed results to showcase the benefits associated with moving freight sustainably, such as fewer emissions and lower fuel costs.
    • Reduce environmental risk and back global energy security.
    • Locate more efficient avenues and operational strategies for transportation modes, freight carriers, and equipment performance.
    • Decrease emissions, freight-related carbon footprint, and climate change by advancing fuel-saving technologies.
    • Grow a supported partnership with environmental groups, state and local governments, associations, global agencies, and the corporate community.

This year, SmartWay will be rolling out its Vision 2020 Plan. This plan includes many exciting advancements to further reduce universal freight emissions. One especially exciting step will include using SmartWay’s monitoring and emission assessment tools on every mode of freight transportation (barge, air, marine, truck, and train). These tools will allow any business to more accurately evaluate its carbon footprint within the larger supply chain.

3 Core Components of the Smartway Program

SmartWay Transport Partnership
Key freight partners such as carriers, shippers and logistics companies partner with the EPA to measure their current environmental impact and develop methods to maximize their level of services while finding ways to minimize their overall carbon footprint.

SmartWay Brand
Using SmartWay’s patented technology, carriers progress in both operations and fuel-saving efforts. To measure performance, comprehensive reports are compiled that offer data overviewing current operations, while also providing information on ways to better evolve sustainability initiatives.

SmartWay Global Collaboration
Through this collaboration, the EPA works by joining with local, national, and global organizations in efforts to streamline freight accountability methods and aid global policymakers who are working to further advance sustainability programs.

IMS and Smartway: Enhancing Supply Chain Sustainability

Joining SmartWay’s mission is an exciting step in growing IMS’s supply chain sustainability efforts. Through partnership, IMS is taking a stronger conservation-focused approach to freight transportation, along with lowering the fuel consumption in moving of goods and providing clients a greater option when choosing transportation methods.

To offer greener shipping solutions to IMS clients, SmartWay now allows multiple freight service options by measuring, assessing, and strategically planning unique freight selections to better meet individual client needs. With a goal of further optimizing performance and advancing IMS’ green movements, IMS will be utilizing the SmartWay Transport Partnership to aid in best practices, such as consolidating shipments and diminishing shipping frequency. This effort will largely save in reducing transportation costs and emissions while increasing overall efficiency.

Each environmentally conscious company that is SmartWay certified has met a standard approved by the EPA. Adhering to this standard, IMS plans to use SmartWay components in future sourcing strategies, along with onboarding new carriers that are also SmartWay qualifiers.

Value to IMS Clients

In joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership, IMS is embracing a greener approach to advancing modern freight trends. Here are a few key advantages that will benefit IMS clients:

    • When part of the IMS family, you are working with a company that values customer objectives in reducing fuel consumption.
    • IMS is taking continuous strides to function at the highest level of efficiency, while also following ethical sustainability practices.
    • For clients who strive to go green in all aspects of their company, IMS values its partnership with SmartWay and sees it as a corporate responsibility to help pave the way in freight operation advancements that minimize environmental impact.
    • Through SmartWay’s technologies, IMS is able to lessen air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while advancing sustainable choices in all sectors of the supply chain.

IMS received its official EPA-approved SmartWay Transport Partner certification on March 31, 2020. This certification recognizes IMS as a registered partner, meaning that all mileage moved within the IMS supply chain will be factored into the EPA’s calculations. This is but one of many steps IMS is taking to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and create a cleaner future for all.

Article Author: Pete Schmidt

Pete Schmidt is the Director of Logistics heading up the Transportation group. Pete has an extensive background beginning with a career in Naval Aviation Logistics and senior executive roles for FujiFilm USA leading the North American operations before joining IMS 7 years ago. He is a versatile leader and entrepreneur, successfully designing cost effective logistics solutions with expertise, perspective and insight as shipper, carrier and third-party lead logistics service provider.