Client Case Study

CPG Lifts Center Aisle Sales with Interactive Kiosk

An IMS Fortune 500 CPG client needed an innovative way to re-engage and encourage shoppers to take a trip down “center aisle.” Millennial, Gen Z and hurried parents have an increasing tendency to shop the perimeter of a grocery store (produce, deli, meat, dairy, etc.) and skip center aisles where the majority of this client’s products are merchandised. IMS developed an interactive solution to help drive traffic and increase sales.

Project Details

IMS’s proposed solution included development of an interactive kiosk that would be positioned at retailer entry points to capture millennials and time-pressured parents.

With the goal of making meal planning simple and grocery shopping more efficient, the kiosk was designed to allow shoppers to engage via a digital touchscreen to search and select different recipes based on their preferred meal type or ingredients.

The recipe(s) and a shopping list with product aisle locations specific to the store were sent to shoppers’ mobile phones, creating a seamless and simple grocery shopping experience.


The pilot launch of the kiosk program showed a lift of 6% for the clients’ center aisle products and overall 5% lift to retailer center store sales. Embedded facial recognition software captured and evaluated the sentiment of the users, validating the experiential interest and appeal to parents and millennial shoppers.

With this proof of concept, the client has tasked IMS with ideating additional innovative programs featuring MerchTechTM (Merchandising Technology) components to verify performance compliance, analyze the behavior of shoppers, prove ROI of merchandising displays, and more.

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