Client Case Study

Driving Speedy Store Profiling Across 16K+ Locations in 90 Days

An American multinational oil and gas corporation with branded wholesaler locations in the US and Canada needed to develop a merchandise ordering portal that could tailor distribution of point of sale products, ensuring their stores only received materials relevant to each locations’ distinct attributes.

Project Details

In order to launch an online merchandising ordering portal that enables users to tailor product assortments and quantities to their specific locations, the client needed to achieve a greater understanding of their branded wholesalers (stations).

IMS collaborated closely with the client to design the profile survey within 1 week with an end-to-end perspective in mind, tailoring questions in a way that had the database structure and web platform user-experience in mind.

IMS then leveraged an app-based, crowd-sourced solution with over 75,000 users across North America to quickly and accurately profile over 16,000 owned sites to create the database that would empower the ordering portal. Nearly instantaneous AI review of survey images allowed the crowd-sourced operators to quickly resolve data errors on-location in real-time.


IMS surveyed profile data at 90% of the 16,000 locations within 90 days of kickoff by collecting, processing, and analyzing over 30 million images from physical sites, translating to 2.5 million final data points stored within the platform. Rigorous AI validation and client review of submissions ensured zero delays to the ordering portal launch timeline, and IMS integrations ensured the profile data was immediately integrated into the new site.

With a robust store profiling database and ordering portal, the client benefits from reduced logistics costs on kitting and inbound/outbound shipping, while also drastically reducing merchandising waste from unused elements.

The store profile page is now the top visited page on our client’s merchandise ordering platform and IMS serves as the one source of truth, eliminating 5+ rogue data sources, improving data quality and providing for better execution across their entire merchandising supply chain.


of the data, totaling 2.25MM data points, was captured in less than 90 days


US and Canada locations profiled


images analyzed with nearly instantaneous AI image review to ensure data accuracy

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