Client Case Study

Making the World’s Happiest QSR Smile with Store Profiling

A long-standing IMS quick-serve restaurant client had estimates showing as high as 30% of all signage materials delivered to restaurants were not being executed at the store level, effectively wasting a third of their merchandising budget, necessitating excessive logistics spend for unused items, and requiring extra crew time, while increasing the opportunity for error during execution. 

Project Details

IMS configured our Store Profiling module for our client and developed a process to automate the capture, maintenance, and updates of each store’s characteristics.

Integrations between Store Profiling and Job-Management Modules allow the client’s forecasts to automatically update and reflect more accurate (and lower cost) order quantities.

IMS now delivers “month in a box” kits to each of our client’s 15,000+ restaurants, customized to their unique store profile with over 250 data points per location – eliminating the one-size-fits-all approach.


Today, when store associates open their “month in a box” kit, they know each element is meaningful to their store, with nothing wasted. Complexity of messaging and promotional activity drives monthly fluctuations between 4000 to 8000 unique kit assemblies across the client’s roughly 15,000+ restaurant locations across the US and Canada.

This solution reduced fulfillment and in-store execution labor costs by 20%, and drove a 30% reduction in ordering processing time with system-wide automation. Additionally, the client benefited from increased speed to market with a 15-30% reduction in production time driven by precise procurement forecasting.


reduction in fulfillment & in-store execution labor costs


locations receiving 4,000-8,000 unique merchandising kits each month


reduction in order processing time through system-wide automation

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