Client Case Study

Automating Compliance for Actionable Conversations

Distribution in the Alc/Bev industry is structured so that manufacturers must sell to distributors, who sell to retailers, who then sell to consumers. Manufacturers, like IMS client Remy Cointreau, do not have clear communication or a direct line of sight to the retailers representing their brands. It is estimated only 30-50% of their merchandising campaigns are actually executed in-store.

Project Details

Remy Cointreau has largely relied on field sales associates and “in-person” audits performed by outside companies to verify campaign compliance. This can be costly and limited to “point-in-time” measurements.

By adding beacons to Remy Cointreau’s retail displays, we were able to acquire location data from each display. We then integrated this data into a real-time reporting dashboard and matched it against key details of the IMS-managed Remy Cointreau merchandising program: production quantities, distributor information, retail locations, etc.


Within the reporting dashboard, IMS was able to assign grades to Remy Cointreau’s various distributors. Grades were based on the percentage of a distributor’s allocated displays confirmed to be in-market, information validated by the beacon’s GPS location.

Armed with data, Remy Cointreau was able to identify under-performing distributors and initiate conversations to improve compliance. Distributors now have plans to improve performance in under-distributed regions.

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