With online merchandising, you can get data on unique visitors, purchase path, items and pages viewed, dwell time, conversions, basket size and repeat purchase. D.O.M.E. is the way to get all of that data through in-store POS.

It is the consultation methodology that makes Retail 3.0 possible and IMS is the only one in our space that uses this integrated approach.

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Digital analytics for brick and mortar to help you evaluate, experiment, and improve your retail programs.

Math2Purchase is a turnkey data integrated platform that assimilates A/B testing, in-store sensors, costing and sales data, creating a loop that calculates and iteratively improves the ROI on marketing promotions.

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Retail Hub

We serve as the center for all data-driven and promotional activities throughout a retail chain.

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A/B Testing

Before you roll-out a store-wide campaign, we can test everything from your offers to your headline and see what works where.


Data Insights

Our Data Analytics team helps you analyze real-time data with ROI predictive modeling, forecasting and inventory management tools.

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Smart POS

We drive industry and POS initiatives through smarter bidding, estimating and timeline management.

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“My company moved to zero-based budgeting and the display all my retailers love has to prove it’s worth the investment. Help!”